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Enlarged view of Automatic Ion Exchange System

NAPCO's Automatic Ion Exchange Systems are designed to recover water and chemicals from a wide variety of chemical rinse applications. Systems are available for flows up to 500 GPM.

Fanta Napco Udylite waste treatment systems

Napco Waste Treatment System components are custom-designed and integrated to meet each customer's application. We can provide specific components to upgrade your existing system, or a complete new automated treatment system to comply with your discharge requirements. Chemical and water recovery options are available to conserve resources and to reduce hazardous waste. These options will be considered with regard to waste minimization, environmental impact, local regulations and cost-effectiveness.

Fanta Napco Udylite 500 gpm continuous flow system

NAPCO has designed, manufactured and installed hundreds of continous flow through systems such as the 500 GPM system pictured.



  Available Fanta Napco Udylite components
  • Chrome Reduction Module
  • Cyanide Oxidation Module
  • Chelate Treatment Module
  • Neutralization Module
  • Clarifiers
  • Filter Presses
  • Polishing Filter Module
  • Ion Exchange Module
  • High Volume Evaporators
  • Metal Selective Polishing