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Plating Barrels & Barrel Parts - Napco Inc

Portable Barrels

FANTA NAPCO UDYLITE offers standard sizes from 2" x 4" to 12" x 24" as well as custom designs. Cylinders can be molded perforated polypropylene or mesh lined polypropylene. Lucite is also available.

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Production Barrels

FANTA NAPCO UDYLITE offers standard sizes from 12" x 24" to 18" x 60" motorized or tank driven as well as custom designs in molded HIGH PERFORMANCE style polypropylene cylinders. Perforations can be straight through, angular, or herringbone. FANTA NAPCO UDYLITE also offers a clampless slide lock cover of CPVC.

Metal Barrels

FANTA NAPCO UDYLITE custom builds steel and stainless steel barrels, motorized or tank driven for Phosphate, Black Oxide and Cleaning applications. Load sizes to 5,000 Lbs. Automatic door available.

Napco Grease


Udylite Grease is the industry standard for lubricating cathode bars, work bars, saddles, buss bar connections and all other DC connections. Udylite Grease not only provides lubrication on mechanical parts, where DC current travels for positive contact, but also provides corrosion protection on the parts covered with it.

Fanta Napco Udylite specialized saddles


Fanta, Napco Udylite stock our standard and many specialized saddles, including the mating contact blocks. The saddles are available in bronze alloy with current capacities from 100 amps to 15,000 amps. Standard polyglass saddles are in stock for non-electrified tanks.

Napco Return-Type Parts

Return-Type Parts

Udylite Return-Type Parts are in stock for next day delivery and include carriers and pushers.